‘The Hunger Games’ Gets So Much Wrong About How Forcing People To Fight To The Death For The Enjoyment Of Wealthy Elites Really Works

It’s no secret that Hollywood exaggerates and embellishes stories in order to make them more exciting, and I’m the first to enjoy a larger-than-life blockbuster. That being said, sometimes directors just go way too far stretching the truth in a way that makes you want to pull your hair out. I recently watched The

Every Night I Lie Awake, Worrying About The Possibility Of Coinstar Technology Falling Into The Wrong Hands (By Jens Molbak, Founder Of Coinstar)

As founder of Coinstar, I invented the machine for a single purpose. I envisioned a world where, with my advanced coin-sorting technology, people could come into a supermarket, place their coins in the machine, and just seconds later, walk away with either cash or credit. Coinstar technology is incredible, and it has…

Unthinkable Cruelty: A New Investigative Report Has Uncovered The Lab Where The DNC Is Testing Cory Booker’s Presidential Appeal On Animals

Since Donald Trump was elected president, the Democratic Party has been scrambling to find a candidate who can take him down in 2020. Unfortunately, though, it seems like leaders within the party will stop at nothing to ensure victory: A new investigation has uncovered the lab where the Democratic National Committee…


Ram’s Use Of Martin Luther King In A Truck Commercial Is Proof Of Just How Low Corporations Will Stoop To Get Americans Into The Best-In-Class Trucks They Deserve

Last night, Ram ran a commercial during the Super Bowl that featured audio of a Martin Luther King Jr. sermon overlaid onto footage of its trucks. While corporations are constantly pandering to viewers with empty imagery and over-the-top messaging, this ad was completely unforgivable. Ram’s cynical misuse of Dr.…